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Who is held in Tainan Detention Center

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  • Last updated:2024-06-24
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  1. The Center holds male and female criminal defendants ordered in custody by Taiwan Tainan District Court and Taiwan High Court Tainan Branch Court.

  2. Tainan Prison Tainan Branch is attached to the Center execute male prisoner with a sentence less than three years and total sentence less than 7 years, female prisoner’s sentence less than one and half year by Tainan Branch ,Taiwan High Prosecutors Office's and Taiwan Tainan District Prosecutors Office's command.

  3. Mandatory prison sentence of the debtor by order of the court.

The Center 's designed capacity is 1244, but operational capacity is usually upper then 1700.

If you desire to know the precise number of people in the Center, you can refer to statistics about us.

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