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Rehabilitation Measures and Programs

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  • Last updated:2023-11-17
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Tainan Detention Center has evolved a comprehensive rehabilitation measures and correctional services focussing on the prisoners welfare as following:

  1. The Security Management

    To ensure the custodial containment of offenders and security related to places of detention.

  2. Psycho-Consultation

    To provide the particular type of treatment and counseling by the experienced social workers for each individual offender to encourage and support them in their endeavouring to live law abiding and purposeful lives as valued members of society.

  3. Religious Services

    To invite the priests regularly to offer such as Buddhist or Christian services at the Center in improving general well being of inmates.

  4. Spiritual Studies

    To provide a holistic approach to involving education and remedial treatment in offenders mental and spiritual development.

    Religious teaching
    Religious teaching
  5. Legal Advice

    To provide prisoners with opportunities per month to meet public prosecutor to overhaul the incidence and causes of crime. It is necessary for prisoners to realize the mistakes of the past and resolve not to repeat them in future.

  6. Vocational Training

    To serve the twin purposes of productive use of the energies of prisoners and of facilitating their rehabilitation in the long run. It is essential to keep prisoners occupied for as the saying goes "An idle mind is the devils workshop". The Center provides the vocational training such as tailoring, hair-dressing, carpentry, sculpture and computer skills etc. This training is also useful in the rehabilitation process of the prisoners when they are released.
  7. Exercise/Recreation

    To improve the physcical and mental health of prisoners. The physical training drill on a regular basis, as well as outdoor games would help keep inmates physically active. Literacy classes would sharpen the mental faculties of prisoners and boost their confidence levels.

    Promulgation on legality
    Promulgation on legality
  8. General Meeting

    To provide a communication between the inmates and the staff. The meeting will be taken place once a month to discuss a range of issues regarding the management of the Center.

  9. Domestic Visits

    To organize the events that inmates meet their families or relatives at the Center on Lunar New Year’s day, Mother’s day and the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Center also assists the inmates to make phone calls to their family on several occasions.

  10. Health care

    To ensure a tidy place of detention. Sooner after arriving in Detention Center, prisoners will be seen by the medical doctor on a regular basis.

  11. Drug Rehabilitation Programs

    To provide Counselling, Assessment, Referral, Advice and Throughcare services for drug misusers in intensive drug rehabilitation and detoxification programs throughout their time in the Detention Center.

    Reception opened to relatives
    Reception opened to relatives
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