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C. Remittance and property sending related issues

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Q6. Could a relative remit any money to an inmate? What is the regulation of that?


  1. Inmates’ relatives can send money to inmates through the following methods:

    • Send in when visit: Visitors can go to reception room to send money . When the visitors receive the receipts, please check that whether the amounts of money are correct.

    • Purchase a postal money order and send in: Purchase a postal money order in post offices. A postal money order must have a specified receiver’ name. On the envelope, there must be the receiving inmate’s name, number, inmate’s ward and sender’s name, and this must be sent through registered mail.

    • Sending cash: We don’ accept anyone sending money through valuedeclared mail.

  2. Every remittance should be no more than NTD 8,000. However, there will be exceptions for those that are intended to pay inmates’ medical fees or with other special reasons.

Q7. What is the procedure of sending packages and the notable issues?


  1. Inmates should finish a report and a detailed list with the name and quantity of the sending items. After correctional institutions approve, inmates can send the detailed list to their specified relatives.

  2. Inmates’ relatives should send in the package through mail or during visit. The items must be conformed to the name and quantity on the detailed list. The detailed list should be pasted on the package for the ease of checking.

  3. In the following conditions, the package will be sent back at inmates’ own expense, sent for safekeeping or destroyed at inmates’ will: Unapproved sending, no detailed list on the package, any inconsistence between the package and the detailed list, sender’s identity does not conform to the regulation, or there are prohibited items in the package.

  4. Principally, the sending items should be necessary daily supplies. Special items should be sent after approved.

  5. If the inspection finds that the sending items involve any violation of law, the case will be transferred to district prosecutor's office for further investigation.

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