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G. Other issues

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Q20.If an inmate is imprisoned and his/her children or relatives lack a caregiver, what assistance they can seek for?


  1. Conditions of report: After inmates are imprisoned, if there are children below 12 years-old in homes who have the difficulties of living, daily care, difficulties to go to schools or other situations, there will be an individual assessment to each case. If the assessments confirm that there are actual needs of caring, the investigation sections/social work sections/ counselling sections will be responsible to contact the local offices of the department of social welfare of the children’s places for the follow up assessments, intervention and assistance.

  2. Application methods:

    1. Inmates can finish the "Investigation Form of Inmates, Person in Detention or Security Arrangement's Children Who Require Daily Care" during the investigation period of inmates' intake procedure of imprisonment.

    2. In the middle of imprisonment, if inmates' children have the need of daily care,the inmates can submit an application through filling in their own reports.

Q21. Is that possible for inmates to bring their children into a correctional institution?


  1. According to Prison Act, the female inmates who require to carry their children will be granted for the request. However, the children will be restricted to those who are below 3 years-old. After the children are 3 years-old, if there is no one to provide the following daily care and it is unable to send to any domestic care house, there will be 6 months of allowance to these children. After that, the department of social welfare will take care of the following arrangement.

  2. The inmates should prepare their children's own food, clothes and daily supplies. For those who are unable to prepare, the institutions will provide. Therefore, the food and clothes that is needed by the inmates' children can be arranged by the institutions or the inmates can apply for the purchase on their behalves. 

  3. Correctional institutions have established "nursery rooms". These rooms are painted in warm color, and there are cartoon or cute pictures on the walls. There are also cribs, walkers, mats, air conditioners, safe toys, preschool education materials, books, video software, etc.
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