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Visitation and Correspondence

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  • Last updated:2024-06-24
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  1. Visitation applicant should submit ID card, driving license, passport or other identification documents (must note with date of birth, ID number, address and ID photo). A foreign applicant needs to submit passport or entry and exit permit.

    • If inmate’s/defendant’s relative or friend need to inquire about “Inmate’s/defendant's number” by phone, please call helpline 06-2781755 or switchboard 06-2782935 # 222, and provide inmate’s/ defendant’s name, date of birth , ID number, and relationship for inquiry.

    • In order to protect privacy and security, we do not provide any information concerning sentence, please ask the inmate/defendant via letter or visitation.

  2. Frequency of Visitation and Correspondence:

    1. Defendant:Once a day (except who is prohibited or suspension of visitation and correspondence rights).

    2. Sentenced prisoner:
      Conducted with Prisoner’s classified level:
      • Level 4 prisoners:Once a week.

      • Level 3 prisoners:Once every 4 days.

      • Level 2 prisoners:Once every 3 days.

      • Level 1 prisoners:No limit. But cannot violate the prison’s management and discipline.

    3. Delinquents under observation or rehabilitation:Once a week.

    4. Mandatory prison sentence of the debtor by order of the court:Once a day.

    5. In case of emergency, there are exceptions by the approval of the superintendent of the Center.

    6. Avoiding family member/relative go in vain, we notify them of visitation prohibition, visitation suspension, appearance in court, and summoned, interrogated, or relocated to other correctional institution by telephone and letter.

  3. Allowed Visitor:
    • Defendant:Relatives, family members and friends.

    • Sentenced prisoner:
      • No-Level & Level 4 prisoner:Direct relatives and family only (No-Level prisoner shall be considered Level 4 grade).

      • Level 3 grade and above prisoner:Relatives, family and friends.

        • Note:

          1. "Direct relatives and family" including spouse, lineal relatives, collateral relatives within 2 degree of kinship, and relatives by marriage within 3 degree of kinship. Members of the house means persons belong to the same house are, except the head of the house, the members of the house; persons who are not relatives but live in the same household with the object of maintaining the common living permanently are deemed to be the members of the house.

          2. The way in which the Center judges the visitation applicant is a direct relative, family member, or cohabitee is as follows:
            If they registered in the same household, the applicant should submit Household Certificate or Household Certificate Transcript as proof document; If they did not register in the same household, the applicant should submit proof documents like Household Certificate, Household Certificate Transcript, Head of neighborhood Certificate or other proof documents to the inmate to submit an application or to the reception room for application. Once the application is approved by the Center, the applicant can visit and correspond with an inmate.

    • Delinquents under observation or rehabilitation:Limited to spouse and lineal relatives.

    • Mandatory prison sentence of the debtor by order of the court:No limit (kinsfolks and friends is allowed)

  4. Visitation shall be conducted in the reception room. If a visitor is in any of the following cases, the requested visiting may be denied:

    • The behavior of the visitor is suspicious.

    • Three people or above apply together for visiting the same inmate/defendant.

    • The visitor is drunken or insane.

    • The visitor who has not registered for visiting shall not substitute the registered visiting or visit the inmate/defendant together with the registered visitor.

    • Visitation is deemed harmful to the discipline or the interest of the inmate/defendant.

  5. Use symbols, cryptograph, argot, and violate discipline of the Center are prohibited.

  6. Bring cell phone, photo/video recording equipment, and audio recording equipment into the reception room are prohibited.

  7. If the visiting registration is completed, but the visitor doesn’t visit the inmate, it will still count once.

  8. Applicant who apply to send articles to inmate/defendant must be inspected and verified the identification documents with photo. Once being discovered the documents are counterfeit or belong to another person, the applicant will be handed over to Government Ethics Office of the Center.

  9. Visiting registration time:
    • Monday to Friday:8:00~11:00;13:30~16:00.

    • First Sunday every Month:8:00~11:00;13:30~16:00.

    • Stop visiting if office and school closed due to Typhoon. When visit time changes due to national holiday, we will make an announcement.

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